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Victor Figueroa

I’m just a quiet goofball millionaire who skydives regularly except I pay someone to jump out of another plane and catch me in midair…

While I’m not funding my skydiving ventures, I work full-time at USC and part-time as a podcast editor. At USC I work as a media production supervisor in the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, which involves teaching students audio and video editing for news. I also spend a large amount of time assisting acclaimed documentarian Dan Birman with his news documentary course and supervising USC Impact – a student-run documentary news magazine.

For my part-time job, I help edit, produce and direct popular audio dramas like ‘Darkest Night.’ It’s a fictional horror mystery that often involves me thinking of creative ways to make deadly sounds, like mashing/squishing pounds of meat in a giant bowl or searching for nearby farms for some authentic piglet squeals.

My media career started out while I was an undergrad at New York University, at first just working several odd jobs (phone surveyor, coat checker, gym employee, you name it) until I got my first internship at WOR Radio. From there I have continuously worked in the journalism and entertainment industry for companies such as KCRW’s Press Play, ABC News Radio, TPN retail marketing, Sirius XM Satellite Radio, and CBS Weekend News. And while I have a passion for creating a variety of media, I believe when done right, radio is the most captivating platform.

And since my days growing up in Maryland, 30 minutes south of Baltimore (this usually means nothing to most people but you never know). I spend my free time running around playing the coolest sport around – ultimate frisbee.

Current Job Title

Media Production Supervisor


University of Southern California


Los Angeles, California, United States

Year Graduated


Degree / Major

Journalism / Graduate

Previous Jobs:

Producer, KCRW, Santa Monica, CA
Fellow, CBS Weekend News, New York, NY
Creative, TPN Retail Marketing, New York, NY
Audio Editor, ABC News Radio, New York, NY
Intern, Sirius XM, New York, NY

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